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Mission And Vision

Other Books is an independent book distribution and publishing initiative based in Calicut, Kerala. Established in 2003 by a collective of university students, academicians and social activists, Other Books pursues to widen contemporary discourse on subaltern politics, caste, gender, mysticism, Islam and arts in India and elsewhere by distributing and publishing books that seek to embrace non-mainstream discourses.

As a publisher, our focus area, however, has been to bring out quality titles on South Indian history, particularly Mappila history and other neglected areas. We also focus on caste, gender, Asian politics and Islam apart from other areas.

Our History

Year 2003. There was a yawning gap in Kerala between the demand for and supply of books for serious reading. Bookstores sold fictions aplenty as well as popular non-fictions. Books that introduced newest thoughts and path-breaking findings in history, sociology, economics, politics and theology were not available even at the libraries of institutions for higher learning. But the universe of knowledge and knowledge production were expanding at a rapid pace with tools of self-criticism growing alongside. Other Books was started not as profit-making bookstore, but to bridge this gap, by distributing among teachers, students, independent researchers and general reading public books that mattered.

For four years Other Books had gone on as a distributor and was a hub of serious, committed readers. In 2007, its investors and well-wishers thought of publishing. Though subaltern lives of Kerala have been chronicled and narrated in international forums through academic journals, they were rarely narrated in the form of books. First, the focus fell on the history and the lives of Mappilas that were and have been enriched by diverse experiences of colonialism, anti-colonial resistance, creative and critical adaptation of modernity, diaspora..etc. Second, there is an equally rich, but silenced, lives of the Dalits and other subaltern communities. Third, there are post-modern and post-colonial discourses and narratives in the arena of theology and religious studies that crave translation in Malayalam, which would throw light on refreshing religious thoughts in Kerala (hence, translation of Ziauddin Sardar’s Desperately Seeking Paradise and Amina Wadud’s Quran and Women), Fourth, rare classical works in religion, theology and mysticism that mainstream publishers rarely focus on were to be translated.

Come 2014, Other Books in around 60-book old with titles on subaltern history, gender studies sociology, anthropology, Islamic reform, mysticism etc.

Our Team

Razeena Ayesha
Managing Director

Crisis management being her forte, she is the sole reason why an alternative publisher like Other Books, with no corporate support and financial back-up, still remains in the fray with the willingness to continue in future. She knows how to...

Auswaf Ahsan
Managing Editor

Since Other Books took off as a distributor in 2003 and diversified into publishing, Dr Auswaf has taken its reins. He believes that publishing is much more than printing books, selling them and keeping books. It's registering,...

M Noushad

A man with pedagogical underpinning in journalism and editing, Noushad has been the editor of Other Books since it started publishing. He sees to it that each title that comes out bears the unique OB stamp both in its style and in its...

Shameer KS
Executive Editor

He joined OB in 2012 and has, since then, played an important role in its editorial operations as its executive editor

AK Bhattacharya
Editor Foreign languages

A polyglot, Dr AKB guides us on better ways to organize texts which use Arabic, Turkish, German, and French languages.

Muhammadali Madari
Editor Classical Series

A classicist with elaborate understanding on theological and mystical texts of Islam, he picks books of the past masters, tastes them and sees to it that they are translated in a befitting manner.

Muhammad Afsal
Ex-Anchor Editor

He had been an ardent well-wisher, lover and associate as translator, before he joined as the anchor. He nurses all titles and projects till they meet the printer and meet their destiny.

Nisar Pottassery
Editor Reviews

He devises strategies to have reviews on all titles generated and published in journals, magazines and newspapers

Nasfath Rahman
Assistant Manager

She tackles the day-to-day operations and communications. Works in sync with the MD. Co-ordinates editorial, marketing, PR operations.


For many years, he has proven his talent in book-maintaining. An alternative publisher can't help but occasionally err. Ilyas notes the errors down and tells us not to repeat them


He devises strategies to bring the books published by Other Books to as many readers as possible.

Logistics and Travel

He keeps the key of the warehouse, office and the vehicle. Smoothly he runs and ensures that others do so....

Joseph Varghese
Anchor Editor

He is managing the editorial works both inhouse and outsourced...

Also helping the sales team...