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Mustapha Cherif

Mustapha Cherif is an Algerian thinker internationally renowned specialist in intercultural and interreligious dialogue. It is aimed at the youth in particular as a teacher. He developed based on the principle of mutual acquaintance dialogue, "authenticity and progress," the thought of the middle way. Philosopher, researcher in human and social sciences, teacher, expert in interfaith dialogue, education, science communication and comparative civilizations and religions study. Doctor of Arts degree in philosophy from the University of Toulouse, PhD in Sociology from the Sorbonne. Professor at the University of Algiers, Scientific Director of the International Master in Muslim Civilization at the Open University of Catalonia and founder of the University of continuing education.

He has won several international awards and a member of global forums on cultural dialogue and inter-religious, multi cultural Mediterranean and international associations. Author of a hundred scientific articles and eleven books, especially for the benefit of youth on the topics of dialogue, culture, education, and articulation constant and variable values, the dialogue between religions and civilizations, and ethics, such as:  "Islam and Modernity" edition Chourouk Cairo Enag Algiers  1999 "Islam Tolerant or intolerant "Odile Jacob edict, Paris 2006,"  Islam West "edict Odile Jacob , Paris 2006  "Meet the Pope" in 2011 edict Albouraq Barzakh Paris and Algiers,   "The Prophet and our time"   Edit Anep Algiers and Paris Albouraq; "The e Quran and our time ", Paris 2012 and Albouraq Anep Algiers,"  The community center  "Dar Houma Algiers Algiers 2013 and Albouraq Paris and"  The Challenge of knowledge in Algeria " , Anep 2013!