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Qadi Muhammad

Famed as the author of “Muhyudheen Mala”, a garland of poetic honorfics being sung in Kerala in praise of Sufi leader Sheikh Muhyudheen Abdul Qadir Jeelani, Quadi Muhammad was both a poet and historian. Son of Abdul Aziz Nazirudheen, the 8th Quadi (locally appointed jurischolar who issues religious edicts or fatwas), Muhammad I (b. unknown) was a polyglot and was trained in grammar, mathematics, astrology and Islamic law. He became the Quadi of Kozhikode (10th quadi) after his brother Ali al Quadi Nashiri. He was the contemporary of Sheikh Zainudheen II, author of Tulfat al Mujahiddin (also published by Other Books). Quadi Muhammad’s first famous work was Fatah al Mubin, which he wrote in 1578, before he was appointed as the quadi. In 1617, He wrote Muhyudheen Mala based on Sheik Abul Hasan Ash Shettanaufi’s Bajathul Asrar va Maadinul Anwar. Besides these two famous works, he has to his credit around 15 titles on grammar, eschatology, phonetics, astrology, mathematics, behavioural science, rhetorics and relationship counselling. He died on 1618 (AH 1025) and was buried at the Kuttichira Juma Masjid, Kozhikode.