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Irfan Sufism: A short Introduction
| Murtaza Mutahhari
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Page Count
| 164
| Paperback
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| 9789380081649
| 180 x 110 mm
Published Year
| 2017

This short introduction to ‘irfan is part of the author’s book Ashna’i ba ‘Ulum Islami (An Introduction to the Islamic Sciences). ‘Irfan, also known as tasawwuf (Sufism), is one of the disciplines that originated within the realm of Islamic culture and developed there to attain a high level of sophistication. This book examines ‘irfan as both a scientific and academic discipline and branch among the branches of Islam’s scientific culture and does not deal with its social and sectarian aspects. More specifically, it explores its beliefs, practices, different parts (Shariah, Tariqah and Haqiqah) and its major practitioners throughout the history of Islam.

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