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Jug Of Love
| Hazrat Imam Khomeini
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| 1st Edition
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| 31
| Paperback
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| 9789380081137
| 175 x 115 mm
| 56 gm
Published Year
| 2010

jug and cup have widely been used in mystical poetry as an object symbolizing the desire for being lost. Towering mystical poets like jalaludeen rumi, hafiz and omar khayyam have used them in the symbolic sense. But the love in which hazrat imam khomeini is lost is the love which, in the words of hamid algar, 'enabled him to dispense with the illusions, fears and deficiencies that halt many of us in this world'. for imam khomeini, spirituality and mysticism have never implied social withdrawal or political quietism, but rather the building up of a fund of energy that finds its natural expression on the socio-political scene

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