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Kerala Muslim History, A Revisit
| Prof.K.M.Bahauddin
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| 2013

Renowned for his accomplishments as a leader of higher education institutions and his educational and cultural activism, the late Prof.K. M. Bahauddin has contributed to shaping the public discourse in Kerala on many social issues. This work is the result of his extensive study about Kerala's Muslims.

Kerala Muslim History: A Revisit, is part of an ongoing attempt by Other Books to tell the history of Mappilas.

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Maqbool Ahmed Siraj

High rating on Human Social Development Index for Kerala has often misled people to believe that Kerala’s is an egalitarian society. The book under review by Prof. K. M. Bahauddin explodes many such myths about Kerala and etches to broad relief the continuing reign of injustices and inequities that reinforce tensions and divisions in the society.
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