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MUHAMMAD : His Life Based on the Earliest Sources
| Martin Lings
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| 1st Edition
| ₹450
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| 452
| Paperback
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| 9789380081540
| 21 x 14 x 30 mm
Published Year
| 2016

Acclaimed for originality and authenticity, Martin Ling's MUHAMMAD is considered to be the most comprehensive biography of the Prophet Muhammad in the English language. The author builds his narrative fully depending on the eighth and ninth century Arabic sources, particularly the sayings of the men and women who witnessed Prophet's life. The beauty of the language he employs to reflect the grandeur and simplicity of the Prophet's life story, elaborately tapping the earliest scriptures, is highly engaging and impressive. Undoubtedly, this is a matchless work with high level of reliability. Other Books feels it an honour to bring this to your hands.

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