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Mappila Leader In Exile: A Political Biography of Syed Fazl Tangal
| K.K.Muhammad Abdul Sathar
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| 2012

in a prose infused with drama, yet authenticated by citations from firsthand and recent sources, Dr kk muhammed abdul sathar traces the political outlook and disposition of mamburam syed fazal tangal (1824-1900) from his roots among Ba alwis in yemen to the bloos-soaked malabar of the 19th century. There are references to syed fazal as a religious scholar, reformer, and spiritual guide, all these roles buttressing his political stance against the british and their yes-men, the landlords of the erstwhile malabar. syed played a pivotal role in enhancing the spirit of revolution among mappilas so much that the british had to deport him to arabia. He went to turkey and served as a plenipotentiary of the ottoman caliphate. During the struggle for india's independence, he turned out to be a leader in exile, inspiring national leaders like muhammed abdul rahman sahib from afar

A clan from Yemen and history of Malabar
Jabir Mushthari

There was one family in Malabar whose socio-religious standing the British authorities feared the most for its potential to inspire and mobilise the natives, especially Muslims, against the colonial rulers. It was the descendants of this family, including the most influential member of it, Syed Fazl Thangal, that the authorities furtively extradited to Arabia in March 1852 and ensured that...
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