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Notes From Prison
| Alija Izet Begovic
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| 1st Edition
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Page Count
| 452
| Paperback
ISBN Number
| 9788190601986
| 215 X 140 X 20 mm
| 502 gm
Published Year
| 2011

Notes from Prison is Alija Izetbegovic’s spiritual escape to freedom. Being politically imprisoned by the Communist regime in Yugoslavia for long years at Foca jail in Sarajevo, former President of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Alija Izetbegovic jotted down these immeasurably valuable philosophical notes on diverse topics. He saved the notes from the searching eyes of jailers and smuggled out all the 13 notebooks with the help of a fellow prisoner. A book with irresistible emotional charm and intellectual provocation with powerful epigrammatic ponderings, Notes from Prison outstandingly unique reading, both in form and content.

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