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| Shaykh Zainuddin Makhdum
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| 1st Edition
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| 77
| Paperback
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| 9789380081403
| 210 X 140 X 10 mm
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Published Year
| 2013

Tahrid ahlil Iman ala Jihadi Abdati  Sulban was written by Sheikh Zainuddin 1, the grandfather of Sheikh zainuddin, author of Tuhfat al Mujahidin, arguably the first written history about Kerala. Written in the context of the Portuguese Invasion of Malabar, Tahrid is a poetic outburst of rancor at the event of colonialism couched in eschatological reference and expressing the tone and concern of a pamphleteer. The event of colonialism lies at the background of the book.
‘’the book will be much used,  and valued, by Historians of Kerala, along with those studying the local reaction to the activities of the Portuguese in the sixteenth century, and those concerned with the Muslim diaspora spread all along the shores of the Indian Ocean.
-Michael N Pearson.


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