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The Soul Of The Desert
| Umar O Thasneem
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| 1st Edition
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| 293
| Paperback
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| 9789380081144
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Published Year
| 2010

The 31 brief, if pithy, chapters of the book narrate the life of Prophet Muhammad in verse. The book aims to help students and readers of young age memorise and internalize the facts and facets of the glorious life of the Messenger. This will help grownups as well, since it throws light on various aspects and episodes on the 'gem of the desert' in simple words. The Messenger and the men and women around the Messenger have been sketched so vividly in the book that it will add to the understanding and pondering about a great life and the people, landscape and belief influenced by that life. We hope this biography of the Prophet in verse will contribute to the rich literary tradition of singing about Muhammed (Peace be upon Him) throughout the Muslim world.

Al Mustafa Blooms in all Facets
Susan Nathan

The soul of the desert is a magical and ethereal book which introduces both muslims and non muslims to the life of The Prophet in riveting verse.It is enlightening and refreshing.

The Soul  of the Desert is a romantic and inviting title for a biography of the Prophet which is designed to lead all who care to read it into another world.It is the world where the life of the...
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