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Islam At The Crossroads
| Muhammad Asad
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| 15th edition
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| 104
| Paperback
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| 9789839541045
| 190 x 125 x 7 mm
Published Year
| 2009

First published in 1934, this book Islam at the Crossroads was written as a plea to the Muslims of that generation to avoid a blind imitation of Western social forms and values, and to try to preserve instead their Islamic heritage which once upon a time had been responsible for the glorious many-sided historical phenomenon comprised in the term "Muslim Civilization". But, as it happened, much of what the author has aimed at was subsequently misunderstood by the readers and leaders who failed to grasp the full implications of his call to cultural creativeness and to return to the true ideology of the Qur'an and Sunnah. This revised edition, it is hoped, would clarify something of the tragic confusion nowadays prevailing in the Muslim world. This is dedicated to the Muslim youth of today, just as the original 1934 edition was dedicated to the Muslim youth of those days.