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Knowledge Of The Hereafter: Durah al-Fakhirah
| Imam al-Ghazali
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| 1st Edition
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| 170
| Paperback
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| 9789675062926
| 178 x 118 x 9 mm
Published Year
| 2012

All major religions have dealt with questions of life after death, although many do not treat it in detail as have Muslim theologians and traditionists. The present text attributed to Imam al-Ghazali was based on a translation of his Durrah al-Fakhirah (The Precious Pearl). Al-Ghazali gives a much less theoretical description than in his other works, and makes much use of stories and traditions. Many of these traditions are common in Islamic sources, particularly those giving details of the period immediately after death and the events of the eschaton. Throughout this book, al-Ghazali stresses on the freeing of the soul from the body, the comparison of death with the sleep of this world, and the eternal abiding in the presence of God.