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What Is Sufism?
| Martin Lings
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| 1st Edition
| ₹310
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| 132
| Paperback
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| 9789675062087
Published Year
| 2007

The title of this book has been given some dubious and suspect answers in recent years as far as the Western world is concerned. The rapidly expanding interest in Sufism brings the need for a reliable introductory book: introductory in the sense it requires no special knowledge on the part of the reader, and reliable in that it is not written any more simply than the truth will allow. Part of our Mini Intro Series, a book of this size for a theme so broad and complicated is bound to be summary. But after all, ""Sufism"", as the author puts it, ""is a touchstone, an implacable criterion which reduces everything elese, escept its own equivalents, to a flat surface of two dimensions only, being itself the real dimension of height and depth."