Refund Policy | Other Books

Refund and Return Policy

Other Books is liable to refund or return and replace to the customer the same amount or the product s/he has paid for the titles purchased from us, especially via the online store, should the following eventualities occur

  1. Should the customer finds physical damages in the purchased copies like
    1. 1- Missing pages
    2. 2- Torn or discoloured  pages
    3. 3- Inconsistency in the content page and actual pages
    4. 4- Damages by way of packing by Other Books. We are not liable to pay, if damages occur by way of third parties involved in the delivery of the items

  2. Should the customer
    1. 1- Encounter a long delay (More than two weeks in India) between the order and delivery of the items

Customer can choose between refund and return/replacement